Robaux SWT16

The digital revolution. I’ve decided that I really want to sort some drums out. I’m really drawn to being able to modulate analogue drum sounds so I’m definitely going to be building some dedicated drum modules. So, I need something to sequence them. My clock divider is going to be woefully inadequate, so I’ve found … Read moreRobaux SWT16

Disting Mk4

Up until now, I’d assumed my modular would be all analogue, but as I’ve learned more about it, I’ve realised that there are some amazing possibilities out there in terms of digital modules. I’ve definitely changed my mind. The Disting Mk4 is a multifunction utility module, a “modular Swiss army knife”. So much this thing … Read moreDisting Mk4

RYO Penta

I need more sequencing options now as I have more potential voices to sequence. Most step sequencers seem pretty big, but I’ve found this PCB/panel for the RYO Penta step sequencer, which does 3/4/5 steps and is really tiny. Should be dead handy for basslines and simple leads. The Penta turned out to be another … Read moreRYO Penta