Antumbra ATOM

Until recently, I thought I wasn’t into most of the Mutable Instruments stuff. Everyone seems to have it but I’d sort of dismissed it all initially because I wrongly thought I was an analogue purist. How naive of me, in retrospect. Anyway, I’ve been looking into it all a bit more and realised that actually, … Read moreAntumbra ATOM

[Video] – Subharmonic Maths

Using an A-110-1 sawtooth wave to trigger Maths as a dual subharmonic oscillator, inspired by a patch from an excellent video here:… All sounds live from the modular. Full patch: Sawtooth wave from A-110-1v into Maths channel 2, also triggering Maths channels 1 and 4 as subharmonic oscillators.Sum from Maths into A-124 (LPF) A-124 … Read more[Video] – Subharmonic Maths

Control Skiff

I’ve finally got round to building my new case, which I’ve been calling the control skiff, because that’s where my sequencers and mixers are going to be. My woodworking skills are not as good as my soldering unfortunately. It’s a bodge job basically, but it’ll work. I mounted the Routemaster PSU and wired it in, … Read moreControl Skiff