Midi Brain

I’ve outgrown the 2 channels of CV/gate that I get from the Midi2CV. I’m going to need more than that for a live set. I picked up this cheap Midimuso board/chip which does 6 channels of midi to CV/gate. I had to make a panel for it and convert it to run off Eurorack power.

Rat Distortion

I recently built a Proco Rat clone distortion pedal from a schematic I found online. It sounded amazing, so I set about converting the circuit to work with a Eurorack power supply and built another. Can never have too much distortion (I’ve got 4 modules now!).


Another “micro” module, this time a clone of the Mutable Instruments Braids macro oscillator. This was a super dense SMD build with 2 microcontrollers, which both needed flashing with different programmers. Build Info


“Ornament & Crime” is a polymorphic CV generator. This is a “micro” version. As most of the SMD components are 0805 size, this made a welcome break from the tiny 0603s I’ve been doing recently. Programming the Teensy was easy enough using the Arduino IDE. One of the options is using it as a quantiser, … Read moreμO_c