I’d also picked up the FM Drum from Barton Musical Circuits along with the Analog Drum. This is a slightly different beast, using frequency modulation between two internal oscillators to generate harsher and more metallic percussion tones. It was a very similar build to the Analog Drum, so I put it together very quickly. Much … Read moreBMC FM Drum

Karaoke Delay

I’d been thinking about adding some FX to the rack when I discovered this dirt cheap karaoke delay board on eBay via a post in one of the synth DIY groups on Facebook, which uses the PT2399 digital “bucket brigade” chip. I ordered one from China for about £4 and followed the instructions I’d found … Read moreKaraoke Delay

Pure Noise

This was my first major disaster. I’d decided I needed a noise generator for synthesising percussive sounds and other noise-related duties. I’d also started looking at surface mount (SMD) soldering as many of the interesting projects I’d been looking at involved SMD. Surface mount soldering is quite different to what I’ve been doing so far, … Read morePure Noise