alfa4 Quad LFO

The last of the modules for the 1U row in alfa4 is a quad LFO. They’re just very simple triangle/square LFOs based on a Thomas Henry circuit design. I used a couple of the same boards previously (acquired from John Miscreant via MW) for the dual LFO in my main system and I like them, … Read morealfa4 Quad LFO

alfa4 Noise

Still on a 1U tip, I wanted to add a noise source for mixing in with the oscillators, so I raided my spares box and looked for a simple schematic. I found this RenĂ© Schmitz design which someone had already done a layout for, so made my life very easy. I built the circuit up … Read morealfa4 Noise

alfa4 Multiples

I was always going to have a 1U row as part of alfa4, I just wasn’t sure what to put there (aside from the nameplate!) It became immediately apparent during my initial tests of the first couple of modules that I was going to need some multiples. So I made some. That’s it really! Not … Read morealfa4 Multiples