I’ve wanted a second clouds for a while and Typhoon seemed to be the best of the bunch, so I grabbed the boards from Pusherman. I populated the majority of the SMD parts – there’s a nice big STM32 to do and a lot of passives, but I did it over a couple sessions. I … Read moreTyphoon

Antumbra PATH

PATH is a dual sequential switch which functions either as two 4:1 switches or one 8:1. I have already built an A-151 clone, but that’s always tied up switching hi-hat patterns and I fancied another for other duties, so this new offering from Antumbra came at just the right time. Pusherman very kindly sent me … Read moreAntumbra PATH

Robaux 3PT

I love the Robaux stuff, so when I saw another new module was coming from them, I was very excited. The 3PT, or Tripot is a 3 channel multimode CV generator, offering sequencer, LFO, random and Euclidean modes, among others. The kit is very well documented and quick to put together. I first built the … Read moreRobaux 3PT